Wednesday, September 23, 2009


6858 Jean-Talon Est
(near buffet La Stanza)
(514) 256-1212

Do you go nuts for nuts?
Haha, alright i admit that was lame but i couldn't resist!

I will unfortunately be reviewing less restaurants since school started and i'm on a budget crunch!
(Forever 21 has made a big dent in my wallet)

Have you ever gone to the supermarket, passed by the "nuts and dry fruits" section and gotten a sudden crave? Yet, it goes away the moment your eyes land on the price!

Well my sister's friend recommended we go get our nutty cravings satisfied by going to Cananut.

Sadly, i forgot to bring my camera so i couldn't take pictures...oh boy did i want to take them!

The place is amazing! you step in and there are bins filled with different nuts, rice and spices.
You get your favourite nuts (pistachio,walnut,hazelnut,sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,etc..) in different flavours (lemon, BBQ, mixed,etc..).
They also come salted, half-salted and unsalted.

Fill up a plastic bag with your desired amounts and off you go!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


4593 rue Saint-Denis
(514) 904-0079

Another all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant!
My sister found this place a while ago.

Ginza is a nice little hub.
You have the choice of eating inside or on the terrace.
It's very cozy and mellow.
Hard to explain but the dimmed-lighting enables you to relax.
There are two floors; on the upper one, you'll have the sushi chefs at the back preparing some yummy food!
Even the slight asian zen music just makes you feel at home, far away from a restaurant.

They offer you the typical variety of sushi you find at Kanda or any other sushi shops.
However, they have a neat menu separate from the "ordering sheet" which gives you the name of the sushi and its composition.
They have a hefty recto-verso menu with large varieties and different specialties.
I am a BIG fan of BBQ eel and i must say Ginza offers the biggest piece out of all the All-you-can-eat sushi restaurants!

Must try
-Tiger eye
-BBQ Eal
-Shrimp tempura

Unfortunately, i only remember those.
I will deff add more to this list once i get the chance to go again
gomen ne~

The average of 25$ per person like most of the all-you-eat places.


It was definitely a good restaurant.
However, i'm not sure if it was because my mind was somewhere else but i didn't find anything memorable besides the charm and the specialties.
Or maybe it's because i went to too many sushi buffets hahahaha!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

5000 Ans on St-Denis

3141 Saint-Denis
(near metro Sherbrooke)
(514) 845-8902


"from L to R: salad, my arm, kimchi, tteokbokki, korean BBQ"

credit for pics: Diane V. =)

OI! it's been a while! please don't throw rocks harhar!
I've been lazy, too busy eating and started postponing my blog =S
BUT i'm back for now with my FAVOURITE korean restaurant at the mo!
5000 ans is a nice little place and it is owned and managed by koreans so you CANNOT go wrong with that!

Interesting fact: 5000 years refers to how long korean cuisine has been around or so they explain on the menu.

It's small and homey.
I don't know how else to describe it. You easily feel like you are in that little neighbourhood shop that serves a good hot meal.
If you are lucky, they will play korean music haha! However, the last couple of times i went, they played random "normal" music which made me sad

The first thing you get is a refreshing cup of iced rice tea! (free refills obviously).
They pretty much have the basic korean dishes such as bibimbap, korean BBQ, kimchi and tteokbokki
The first two pics are taken on the spot! (you can also see my arm haha)
Doesn't it all look yummy!
The bibimbap is my personal fav! It's korean rice with vegetables and meat (i always take beef), topped off with a raw egg. All of this comes in a traditional hot korean bowl that keeps the food hot and cooking while you eat! (sorry for the lack of better wording). The best part is to let the bowl "burn" your rice, the taste is amazing!
Another goody is the korean BBQ. It's a set for two people. It comes with a miso soup, a salad and a bibimbap.

There's also the special lunch menu which comes with a miso soup, your dish, and ice cream!

Must try
-Dolsot bibimbap (#1 of the restaurant)
-Korean BBQ
-Tteokbokki (ricecake and fishcake with glass noodles in a spicy sauce)
-Haemul Pajeon (Seafood pancake)

Reasonable price for what i ate.
Under 20$/person.
The KBBQ is 30$, the bibimbap is around 12,99$, the side dishes are 3-5$.



I'm sorry if i didnt sound enthusiastic enough even though i've been raving about this place to everyone and ANYONE! But i'm half-asleep writing this =S
I've eaten at this place 3 times the other week so i'm pretty sure you can figure out how much i love it!