Sunday, August 9, 2009

Au Festin de Babette

4085 rue Saint-Denis
(514) 849-0214

My co-worker (check out her blog via the sidebar!) pointed out last friday that i hadn't been making new updates! I'm terribly sorry my food addicts!
I've been busy with work and stuff, but i'm back today with a review of my favourite ice cream place. I will admit, i'm a bit reluctant to tell everyone about this magical place but it deserves the credit and praise.

Have you ever heard of the movie Babette's feast - Le Festin de Babette?
I watched it last year in my humanities class haha.
I don't know if this place has any relation to it but it is a delicious ice cream feast alright!
I'll have to ask the owners one day.

Has i said before, this place is MAGICAL! You walk in and you feel teleported to a shop in the countryside/beachside of France. My first impression that it gave me was a feeling oh "homyness and cozyness". What gives it charm is the mismatched furnitures, intricate "bric-à-brac" and the products from France (sel de mer, tapenas, confitures, syrop de fruit,etc..).
Actually, the other night when i went with my sister, the owners were changing and adding some new furnitures which i must say were very nice pieces! They even asked us for our opinion! I was so honoured haha. Dorky me <3


They make ice cream, ice cream coffee drinks, chocolate, and with the furniture, they are about to be selling cakes!
They are known for their special soft ice cream (crème molle). They have different flavour combinations, reaching from the traditional ones such as mango, strawberry, peach, banana, chocolate, etc.. to peculiar ones which have basilic, clove, cinnamon, ginger, etc..added to it!
They have a machine which mixes the frozen fresh fruits and other ingredients together and gives out the perfect swirly "crème molle" shape!

Must try
- Cumbia (mango, strawberry)
- Du Lac (raspberry, blueberry)
- Caramba (mango,strawberry,banana)
- Tourbillon de chocolat

I don't remember the exact price, but for a generous scoop of crème molle and sugar cone (one size), it comes down to around 4$
Not expensive at ALL!



This is my all-time favourite place to hang out! I just feel like i'm back in France again when i walk through those doors! I hope they never change how they run things!

À la prochaine mes food addicts <3